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What's happened to this Ash?

Observed: 29th May 2011 By: PoppyPoppy’s reputation in PlantsPoppy’s reputation in PlantsPoppy’s reputation in Plants
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I am interested to know how this Ash has become badly cracked up one side of it's trunk?

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sometimes fungi will push through the bark causing it to crack but I have never seen it all the way up the tree like that. I have some examples of this fungi on my website www.fungifest.vpweb.com if you want to have a look.

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It's amazing just how resistant trees are to lightning strikes. However, the water/sap inside them instantly vapourises - which can cause them to split the entire length of the trunk similar to what can be seen in your images.
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I'd agree with Vinny -

The localised intense heating causes a steam explosion, splitting the bark.