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Lizard of some type

Observed: 30th May 2011 By: lynda07lynda07’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptileslynda07’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
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Starred agama

This is a specialty of the eastern Aegean islands, an interesting record as my distribution map does not have it on Lesvos though a little research on Google showed other people have seen it there. My map is around 15 years old so it could be a mistake or a recent colonisation; most probably a mistake.

Of around 300 species of agama this is the only one found in Europe and it is restricted to a handful of Aegean islands - the others are found in Africa and Asia. They are closely related to the iguanas of the Americas.

This is a very distinctive species in Europe as it is the only one with spikes on its skin.

Graham Banwell

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Thank you Graham and I hope

Thank you Graham and I hope my observation has been of interest to you also, given your comments about your distribution map. Lynda