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Observed: 29th May 2011 By: nick_the_griefnick_the_grief’s reputation in Invertebratesnick_the_grief’s reputation in Invertebrates
bush cricket

On patch of nettles along the banks of the River Avon

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Thanks Matt, Some one told me

Thanks Matt,
Some one told me what it was but like a chump I never wrote it down. Yes it was a newly emerge (ish) nymph and about 1/2"(1cm for you new types)and the personsaid they get to about 20cm long.

North Warwickshire

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I think that shuold be ..

2cm not 20cm (for us oldies 8") as this is rather large.

Howardian Local Nature Reserve

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hehehe, we breed em big round

hehehe, we breed em big round here !! I was thinking 20mm but typed cms ... 1/2" is never wrong is it :-)

North Warwickshire