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Unidentified (hummingbird hawk?) moth

Observed: 2nd August 2010 By: StillWatching

A sort of moth we saw during our stay at a rural farmhouse near Gémozac, France 17260, on holiday last August. Most days we saw the hummingbird hawk moths common in the UK, but this was a one day only treat. Any ideas what it is?

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Another poor photo!

May I suggest you try setting your camera to spot focus, taking as many shots as you can manage & selecting the best, if that's possible.


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@Michael, thanks for your swift identification - I'm sure you are right. A year-long mystery solved, phew.

@Dry, thanks for your comments on the photo quality. Next time something interesting puts in its only 3-minute appearance during a fortnight's holiday, hopefully I won't be en route to the swimming pool with two eager children and only an iPhone within reach :-)

(BTW, I did crop the picture in Photoshop, but couldn't persuade the system to upload the amended, renamed jpg - any advice on this gratefully received; I'm a first-time user of the site, so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.)

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Humble apologies!

Please accept my apologies for my comment on the quality of your photo! (It was getting past my bed-time!)

Has Photoshop saved the amended file in a format that the site doesn't recognise, perhaps? I don't use Photoshop, but, in one utility I use (Serif), I have to use "export file" instead of "save as", if I want anything else to be able to read it.

For simple editing jobs (cropping, adjusting brightness & contrast, etc), may I recommend IrfanView, obtainable free of charge from ? This won't save your files in its own idiosyncratic formats & it will tell you if the file you ask it to read has an incorrect extension.