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Peregrine Falcons

Observed: 2nd May 2009 By: RoseRose’s reputation in BirdsRose’s reputation in Birds
Peregrine Falcons

I went to see these fantastic birds in the Yorkshire dales at Malham cove. A pair has been nesting since 1993. This year they have hatched 4 chicks!

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I agree they are fantastic birds!

I've recently seen birds, with 3 chicks at a Peregrine Watch centre in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, which was great. However, I do stand a good chance of seeing Peregrines closer to home in London, as they have been know to nest at the Millennium Dome, Battersea Power Station the Tate Modern, and more recently the Houses of Parliament. Have a look at this press release for more information on the number of Peregrines in London.

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Places to see peregrines

There's also Chichester Cathedral, where the RSPB has a nestcam and a public viewing station for its Date with Nature project. The maiden flight of one of the chicks was featured on Springwatch last week.

There are plenty of other places across the country to see them close-up:

They are possibly the world's fastest animal when in a straight dive, hitting their prey at speeds of up to 200 mph! Despite this, feral pigeons seem quite happy to roost near the peregrines' urban nests, as the falcons rarely hunt in confined spaces where it could be hard to pull out of a dive.


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Went to a local quarry on Fri 14th Aug where I had recently been told Peregrines had been sited and I was delighted to see two of them.They were calling to each other quite noisily and there may have been even three or more.I dont know if they nested there this year but now i know they are there I will be keeping an eye on them.Iwatched them for about an hour but they didnt hunt anything. Also saw a sparrowhawk nearby.

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The Pembrokeshire coastline is has one of the highest densities of Peregrine in the country, yet racing pigeons are regualrly released to fly back to Ireland every week; it's good of them to feed the falcons!

When I worked on Skokholm pigeons which escaped the peregrines used to land in the farmyard and find refuge with the chickens. Every Friday night we collected the pigeons and sent them off the island with the visitors. Some of them would home back to the island. The record whilst I was there was outskirts of London to Skokholm in less than 48 hours.

One poor bird was attacked by a peregrine, escaped only to fall into a water barrel. We rescued it, dried it off, released it; two days later it was back in the barrel! As we released it the peregrine had another go, and missed. The pigeon flew into the chicken coop and refused to come out! We shipped it off the island and never saw it again.

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