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Insect nest in door frame

Observed: 29th May 2011 By: colinmansell
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Individual cells made up of clay, built up with several layers. Some cells have yellow 'stuff' in them, possibly food. Most have white grubs in them. About 100 cells in total.

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Presumably the door had been left closed for some time. A remarkable observation.

Bob Ford

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what do we do next ?

We have used the door a few times since winter and would expect to use it a lot more during the summer but are now wondering if we should keep the door closed and go the long way round.

We have a "bee box" close by which is fully occupied - we were fascinated by the frantic activity round it a few weeks ago. Maybe this is the overflow.

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Ideally, Keep the door closed. The development to maturity will take place this summer and by early Autumn, they should all have prepared cocoons

Chairman BWARS