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Siskin - Carduelis spinus

Observed: 6th February 2011 By: WilHeeneyWilHeeney’s reputation in BirdsWilHeeney’s reputation in BirdsWilHeeney’s reputation in Birds
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The males are more intensely coloured - but if you only have one to look at that's not always easy to say, as here. The males also have a black cap, whilst the females have a streaky one - this suggests a female in your picture.

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This is a male, with solid black atop the head. Females are streaked on the crown. This bird appears to be an adult, as the yellow wing bar is the same colour all the way across (a young male would normally show paler juvenile feathers at the outer edge). As this was taken in February, the black on the head looks less impressive, as the feathers have pale fringes. These wear off as the spring approaches, and this bird will now be resplendent in his jet black crown.


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Yes, I agree this is a male. Females are far more streaky.

Bob Ford