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Small Pearl-bordered Frit

Observed: 24th May 2011 By: Ilya MacleanIlya Maclean’s reputation in InvertebratesIlya Maclean’s reputation in Invertebrates
small pearl-bordered frit
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Did you get other photographs

Did you get other photographs showing the underwing?
I think you need to see the underside to confirm it is the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary rather than the Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Les Pearce
Wildlife of Assynt

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They are much easier to ID

They are much easier to ID from an underside shot, but can be done from the upperside. I think this is SPBF, but it would be great to see an underside shot to confirm - I don't think Small Pearl has been recorded in that area for a while now

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Unfortunately I was unable to

Unfortunately I was unable to get an underwing shot. SPBF are fairly common on the Lizard Peninsula, although perhaps not specifically at Caerthillian.

Ilya Maclean
Mylor, Cornwall