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Molehills created by the European Mole - Talpa europaea

Observed: 27th December 2009 By: dvh24
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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very big molehills in forest

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Is this the only species of mole to be found in the UK?
Tried researching on the defra site, but no joy(put european mole into 'search' and came up with some drivel about the european parliment ??????? I wonder......)


Sam, Student.

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...these are german mole

...these are german mole hills ;-)
as far as I know there is only one mole species in the whole of Europe...

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There are two moles found in Europe, T. europaea and T. caeca, however the common name of T. caeca tells you where it is found - Mediterranean mole. T. europea is the only mole species found in Germany.

Nice looking dog!

Graham Banwell

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