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Large Red -belted Clearwing

Observed: 28th May 2011 By: fritmanfritman’s reputation in Invertebratesfritman’s reputation in Invertebratesfritman’s reputation in Invertebrates
Clearwing moth

Red band on abdomen seems distinctive.Red marks at base of forewing do not show very well in photo

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Did you use pheromones to

Did you use pheromones to attract this over?

- Jamie

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Red belted Clearwing

No, Ifound it during the day crawling over the soil while digging close to my two very old apple trees


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According to Heath and Emmet

According to Heath and Emmet (Moths and Butterflies of GB and Ireland), S.culiciformis should have red suffusion at the base of the the costa and the dorsum of the forewing and extending into the clear space in between. This specimen appears to lack this and so I believe S myopaeformis is a better fit.
The illustrations in Waring and Townsend's field guide show this difference quite nicely, as do the pictures on the UK Moths website
28 May is perhaps a relatively early emergence for S myopaeformis but this Spring seems to have been characterised by lots of early records of moths.

Jonathan Wallace