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This is a female Demoiselle (the white 'spot' near the wing tip -the -pseudo pterostigma- shows that it is female).

Although the wings look brownish it looks more like a Banded Demoiselle to me though - female Beautiful Demoiselles tend to have more colour in the wings (orange brown when immature, darker brown when mature). This slight brown-green tone can be seen in Banded, which tend to have the pseudo pterostigma nearer the wing tip and slightly narrower wings than Beautiful.

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female not male?

I have to take back my (inexpert) opinion after RoyW's comments. The white spot(s) could be a trick of the light but they're in about the right place; and am I right that the bit under the tails is an ovipositor? That makes it female so rules out an immature male "beautiful" such as shown in dragonflysoc.org.uk . And from RoyW's previous comments on previous "beautifuls" in Ispot I'd have to back him.

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Demoiselle query

Thank you very much for these comments. This is a 2-year old photo which I've had to keep as an undecided 'query'. I had one chance to snap it and have noticed no other Beautifuls since in this particular spot - hence, really, my particular interest. Bandeds are fairly plentiful there, but my photos of females show a quite different body colour -a 'trick of the light' again, maybe? I couldn't match body colour with wing colour - but your explanation seems to settle it. Thank you for taking the trouble to spell it out - much appreciated.