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Eggs or fungus

Observed: 28th May 2011 By: dpt27dpt27’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
eggs or fungus

I spotted this rusty coloured "rash" on my gooseberry bush, it looked to be like craters that had erupted open. They seemed to glow, if that makes any sense. There was also sawfly larvae chewing the leaves. Do you think they are conected?


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two thing's

This look's like a rust, and the larvae will be Gooseberry sawfly which eat the leaves but do no damage to the fruit.If you clear all the leaves and any other debris from under the bush in the autumn it lessen's the chances of sawfly next year.


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Thanks Sheila for the info

Thanks Sheila for the info and remedy.

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I agreed yesterday and after due consideration posted mine here http://www.ispotnature.org/node/802823.
Rob seems to have left the arena but I'd like to know what he thinks of the possibility of it being, simply, a synonym. The Web is VERY sparse.