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Masonary Bees

Observed: 20th May 2011 By: pjt347pjt347’s reputation in Invertebratespjt347’s reputation in Invertebratespjt347’s reputation in Invertebrates
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I was told that they are masonary bees, although they have a sting it is not powerful enough to pierce human skin. They are usually solitary and once they have laid thier eggs they die. Is this true as they seemed to be very docile and were just clumping together on my hotel pillow. I cannot find their scientific name.

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In addition

I wonder if honeybees on a pillow might indicate a less than perfectly fresh pillow? Maybe they are after moisture or salts?

Mason (note spelling) bees can certainly sting humans. They are named mason bees not because they live in masonry, but because they use mud or leaf mastic to build their brood cells

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It is an interesting

It is an interesting alternative to the usual complimentary chocolate on the pillow!!

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