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What's this?

Observed: 20th May 2011 By: johnsouthend
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i was clearing some ivy away from the ground. on a bank of a little brook when i saw this . it was rubbery and seemingly fixed to the ground and when i touched it , it felt like it was alive , tho it didnt move. weird


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A bit blurred -

but it looks rather like a King Alfred's Cake fungus.
This usually grows on dead deciduous wood - especially oak and ash, and it's usually attached to a lump of the stuff.

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i think u may be right as i

i think u may be right as i was clearing the ivy for an elm sapling. it's not going anywhere so i think i'll have another look . it seemed to be attached directly to the ground, discounting some wood just under surface

john di

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No . i had a look at some

No . i had a look at some pics of the king alfred and the surface of it is not that smooth and its much smaller. (the silver thing in my pic is a cig box). also it has little 'spikes' quited uniformly around it . it s a weird thing to say, i know, but it seemed alive.. like it almost flinched when i touched it .
thx again

john di