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Observed: 20th May 2011 By: sharpham9sharpham9’s reputation in Plantssharpham9’s reputation in Plants

No identification made yet.

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Leaves would help

Buttercups are tricky without leaves (and back of the flower helps too)

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Meadow or Creeping Buttercup?

I agree with Chalkie: we don't have enough to go on to make a positive identification. However, we can just see the underside of one flower, the stem looks rather thin and wiry and there seems to be a hint of a narrow bract, so I'd go for the meadow buttercup (R. acris) or possibly the creeping buttercup (R. repens). R. acris is on average the tallest of these, typically over 50cm tall whereas R. repens is usually shorter than that. Both will grow taller in lush pastures (where you're more likely to find R. acris) than among shorter grasses, of course.


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Yes we need the leaves to be

Yes we need the leaves to be certain

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