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Deer at Tatton Park

Observed: 21st May 2011 By: Jeff RothwellJeff Rothwell’s reputation in MammalsJeff Rothwell’s reputation in MammalsJeff Rothwell’s reputation in Mammals
Deer at Tatton Park
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Red deer

These are red deer; look at the shape of the muzzle, it has a very straight profile, fallow deer have a concave profile below the eyes creating the effect of a distinct muzzle - as do dogs. Also the shaggy hair and stocky appearance of the body indicate red deer. In addition look at the shape of the ears, very pointy at the tip. Compare with other fallow and red deer pictures on iSpot.

Tatton park was my old stomping ground as a kid - I was shocked recently when I went to visit and saw how much they want for parking now!

I actually learnt much of my deer / antelope etc. identification from the fantastic collection of mounted heads in their trophy room. I used to dash through the house and spend an hour or more studying the heads - gruesome I know, but there were no books on such identification in those days.

Graham Banwell

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Many thanks for your comment. I guessed wrong from the information i found about Tatton Park. I will change the Identification based on your expertise.