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Observed: 24th December 2009 By: hcafc1960hcafc1960’s reputation in Birdshcafc1960’s reputation in Birdshcafc1960’s reputation in Birds

Fairly large wading bird on Humber mudflats. Suspect it may be a sandpiper or Dunlin?

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Not common sandpiper

Common sandpiper is mainly a summer visitor and would be smaller. Also not dunlin and looks too long-necked for knot. The legs also look as if they could be pretty long.

Do you have more information e.g. beak and leg colour, rump, tail and wing markings?

If I had to make a guess, I might go for something like Ruff, but would want to exclude godwits, greenshank etc. from any additional information.


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Although there is the original comment about a "fairly large wading bird", assessing the size of the bird is very difficult as there is nothing against which to compare in the picture. The shape of the bill with a slightly down-curved tip excludes godwits, greenshank and knot but does strongly suggest dunlin, a point also supported by the basic 2 tone grey-white plumage and the shape of the demarkation between the 2 colours on the upper breast.

Robert Homan

Robert Homan

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I agree

Dunlin was the 2nd choice of the observer, and there is nothing at all in the picture to suggest this is incorrect. I wouldn't describe a Dunlin as a large wader, but this IS a Dunlin.

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Agree dunlin

I has dismissed dunlin because of size, but would agree about all the features mentioned above

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Sorry about my misleading comments. Unfortunately it was some distance away and not close to anything to scale against. I should have put medium sized as it was not as big as a curlew but probably about lapwing sized. Gulls, LBJ's and waders...all a problem to me!