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Bug with red & black stripes, spots below

Observed: 20th May 2011 By: godfather99godfather99’s reputation in Invertebrates
Bug with red & black stripes, spots below

Seen at edge of woodland in an area of alkaline marshland

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Identification Advice


I'm just getting started in identifying shield bugs and would welcome your advice on how you can tell this is Graphosoma italicum as opposed to Graphosoma lineatum. Is the location a deciding factor?

Hope you can help.



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The difference.

Hello Sue,
I got the ID for this initially from the book mentioned above, having looked at various images on web, it seems the difference is with unbroken stripes, but g.italicum according to some sites is the one with the broken stripes, though cant now find an image like that, so.. I went with the books as G.italicum is also mentioned in Insects of Britain & N. Europe by M. Chinery. Hope this helps a bit.:)


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I've just investigated and although it's not that clear it would appear that these two are in fact the same species but that Graphosoma lineatum is the preferred name and is the one used by NBN and EOL.

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You say italicum, I say lineatum...

Graphosoma italicum/lineatum... Same species!? Both have a cigar!

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nearly snap!

beat me by a min.


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Whoo... first time! You must have nodded off Debbie!

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Thanks for the Advice

Last night I was looking at the British Bugs web site which prompted me to ask for the advice. It talks as if there are two species. It says the G. italicum has broken black stripes on the pronotum.

Looking at Insects of Britain & N. Europe by M. Chinery I would certainly agree with you Debbie.

Thanks to everyone for your help and advice. I'm sure this won't be the last time I'll be asking!

All the best