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Siskins feeding on alder

Observed: 24th December 2009 By: dw5448
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Male and female siskins feeding frantically on a cold morning, calling softly. In alders adjacent to river.

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Some of these are Siskins

I have agreed with your identification because there are some Siskins in your photos - it may be worth taking a closer look at some of the birds in your pictures though...

Siskins do not have bright yellow beaks, although no red can be seen on top of the head, it looks like you have some Lesser Redpolls in these photos (some redpolls do not have red on the head during their 1st winter).

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redpolls present

Yes, there were definitely a few redpolls feeding with the flock as well, but I couldn't get a clear enough ID shot. Have added a fourth image with a possible goldfinch at the upper centre as well.


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How about shot 2 (both birds)

How about shot 2 (both birds) and shot 3 (lower right bird) - they look like redpolls to me!