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Brown lepidopteran 250511

Observed: 25th May 2011 By: vivien.karuna
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Habitat is small heath-like area that developed from a horse sandpit next to willow scrub in a river valley. Plants include birds' foot trefoil, red clover, southern marsh orchid and a wild mint species. ID, anyone?

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Skipper sp.

Fat body and overlapping wings means that this is one of the skipper species. Large skipper is most likley given wing pattern and time of occurance.

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large skipper

Thanks, wolvobirder. Maybe I was thrown by the way it was holding its wings, making them look rounder than in most photos. I've uploaded a video to YouTube which may aid confirmation of ID, and called it Large Skipper as I think you're right. Here it is: What a great site this is - first time I've used it!

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That's a fantastic video you've got there :) Yes it's wings do look a little rounded don't they. Yep I can't get enough of this website at the moment, I think it's brill. Four people have now agreed with my initial ID of Large Skipper so I doubt it could be anything else.

It doesn't beat getting outside and finding wildlife but it's good for a rainy day or to kill time stuck in the office.

John Griffiths

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large skipper and moth/butterfly distinction

Thanks. It was a bit lucky, as I couldn't see properly what I was filming, and thought it was something else until I got the video on my computer. I just saw something on the flowers and pointed the camcorder in what I hoped was the right direction! Thank you too to the others who have supported the ID. The large skipper is very moth-like, isn't it? I seem to have a vague memory that they used to be classified as moths - or did I imagine it? I searched my moth and butterfly books/pages for an ID.