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Lichen on rock in Ben Lawes NNR

Observed: 14th May 2011 By: sjlwsjlw’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenssjlw’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

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Are you referring to the mass

Are you referring to the mass of foliose thalli which fill the picture? Is the red apothecia of a different species, or part of the Parmelia sulcata?

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Probably Parmelia saxatilis

I have added agreement to Cladonia sp., as the presumed subject of the photograph. Clearly one of the red-fruited species, but even if we had a good view of it, identifying a montane, red-fruited Cladonia from a photograph would often be unwise. As well as the lowland species, true C. coccifera, C. borealis and others would have to be given greater than usual consideration.

I agree the foliose lichen is a Parmelia, but the definition of the photograph again makes it difficult or impossible to state which. On balance I would say P. saxatilis rather than P. sulcata.