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Roman snail1
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This doesn't seem to have got put into the Invertebrates group, and hence I can't Goodspot it.

According to the Conchological Society's atlas of British molluscs, the case for Roman Snail being a non-native species is unproven, although they don't rule out the possibility that it was in fact introduced by the Romans. It has certainly been introduced at some sites in more recent times, and thus the distribution in Britain is difficult to relate to any 'native' or 'non-native' pattern.


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The location reminds me in

The location reminds me in the late 1950's I spent many an hour on the Downs around Reigate Hill collecting Roman Snails.
My first job was a trainee technician at the brewing research station at Nutfield.
If I remember correctly we used enzymes in their stomach to degrade the wall of yeast cells

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