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Observed: 25th May 2011 By: Jane Cousins

I do wildlife rescue & rehab and this one came in after a cat attack approx 2 days old. Now 2 weeks old in photo. I have mallards in and it aint one of them! Head bobs, hisses, serrated beak edge, very silky 'fur' and narrrow head. Any ideas?! Found in Wakefield West Yorkshire on a quiet waterway.

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"I have mallards in and it aint one of them!"

Wanna bet that it's not a Mallard?!

Almost all domestic ducks are Mallards (even though they are often considerably different in size shape and plumage).

The other possibility is that it is a Mallard x Muscovy Duck hybrid - but personally I think it will turn out to be a mixed up domestic Mallard.

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It has the look of a pintail but only time will tell.

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Manky Mallards

Charlie Moores has an excellent post on dodgy ducks that might come in useful in a few months! http://www.talking-naturally.co.uk/manky-mallards-domestic-feral-plain-o...

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Odd duck!

Thanks for that link - looks interesting! No feathers coming through as yet but will certainly be looking when they do :)