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Fruiticose Lichen

Observed: 12th May 2011 By: judymcd
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Greyish green fruticose lichen, branches approx. 2 mm wide with white powdery patches. Found growing with a variety of, as yet unidentified, crustose specimens on the bark of (I think) a goat willow.


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Spelling mistake?

Some of the websites I have been using to aid my identification of this lichen spell 'fruticose' as 'fruiticose'. I now realise that my OU course material spells it without the 'i', which is what I should have done. Apologies.

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"Fruiticose" is a frequent error. If a website cannot get this right, what else does it have wrong???

On balance I agree the lichen is most likely Ramalina farinacea, which indeed is fruticose, but I cannot entirely rule out Evernia prunastri, which is foliose (but often taken to be fruticose). A higher resolution photograph of the lobe edges and undersides is needed for a certain ID.


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Fruticose vs Foliose

Many thanks for your comment. I had already found the lastdragon website and had wondered if there was any connection with the AlanS of iSpot - I think I have my answer! I have looked at your pictures of the two lichens concerned and realise now just how much detail is necessary for accurate identification. Unfortunately, limiations of the digital camera meant that I could not get any closer without losing focus and I didn't collect a sample. Is it ethical/permnissible to remove lichens (or parts of lichens) from the wild? At home I have a digital microscope which would obviously provide extra detail. Judy