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B. terrestris

Observed: 25th May 2011 By: Brum-blebee
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
Brum-blebee’s reputation in InvertebratesBrum-blebee’s reputation in Invertebrates
25-05-11 B. terrestris
25-05-11 B. terrestris 1
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but then looking at the above link, it is most likely the species you went for "Bombus (Bombus) terrestris"

John Griffiths.

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B. lucorum s.l. never has a

B. lucorum s.l. never has a tail this colour - always pure white. B. magnus fresh queens may approach it, but that has a much longer collar than this bee has.



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Yes as stated in the second

Yes as stated in the second link I posted. I'll have to bookmark that site, it's got a very good key for bumble bees.