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Aphid at Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve

Observed: 21st May 2011 By: gardenersassistantgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebratesgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebratesgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebrates

Giving birth I think. And can I see the eyes of some of the not yet born ones inside the mother?

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Thanks. I regret ...

... that I am almost completely useless at identifying and/or naming flora, just as I am with fauna, so I can't help with the plant it was on. Not laziness, but more like a life-long disability I'm afraid no matter how hard I try. So I do very much appreciate all the help I am getting here with identifying and naming what I have been photographing for the folk at the nature reserve.

FWIW, not that it really helps, my wife tells me that some of my photos (from round about where I spotted this aphid) could well have been vetches by the look of their flowers.


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