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Redwing on rowan

Observed: 23rd December 2009 By: purplerabbitspurplerabbits’s reputation in Birdspurplerabbits’s reputation in Birdspurplerabbits’s reputation in Birds

Shouting and eating red berries right next to the reindeer in Princes Street Garden. They seemed quite unphased by hoards of shouting infants.

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Fantastic photos! I hope you used them for your christmas cards this year!

Bob Ford

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Thanks Bob - my Xmas card has

Thanks Bob - my Xmas card has just gone up in mammals :-)

Alison Rowan

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Could you explain the significance of the subspecies name, coburni, please - are all the Redwings we see in Britain thsi subspecies, or are there others as well? If there are others, how do you tell them apart?

Entomologist and biological recorder

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That's weird, I didn't put a

That's weird, I didn't put a subspecies in - it must have autocompleted it for me. It seems likely it's that one, though, as they're the ones who breed in Iceland and Faroe and come down to Scotland.

Alison Rowan

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redwing subspecies

coburni are darker and slightly larger, but I'm not sure how easy they are to separate in the field.

Bob Ford

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Two subspecies

The two subspecies of redwing are iliacus which breeds in continental Europe and is the commoner one seen in the UK and coburni which breeds in Iceland and is a darker form as Bob says.