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Hatchling spiders

Observed: 29th April 2011 By: TheoldcodgerTheoldcodger’s reputation in InvertebratesTheoldcodger’s reputation in Invertebrates
hatchling spiders

These newly hatched spiders were over winter nursed by zygiella z notata, but seem to be very much like A marmoreus var, marbled orb weaver!!
Or is it that all young spiders look like this, as I have seen many groups locally
The pictured spiders are 1.5mm long!


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the nature of newly hatched spiders

I have seen many groups like the ones above, in My locality, and in reports on this site have seen them described them as young araneus diadematus
They look almost exactly like araneus marmoreus var to Me, of which I am familiar and have good pictures of!! Can it be that all spiderlets look the same? Or is there some other explanation?
I am not an expert and I look forward to an educated explanation.
brian Knight - theoldcodger.