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Thistle Like Flower

Observed: 23rd May 2011 By: Sunny Jill
Thistle like flower

This plant is growing by rough ground, against a kerb in the join to the tarmac surface and I'd love to know it's identity. It has thin unspiked leaves, and only seems to be open on my way to work, 8.30am ish and is closed after 1pm. There are approximately 3 plants, separated by about 6". It looks like a thistle type flower, it may not be a wild flower, approximate height 6-9 inches. I have observed it for over a week and it only ever has 1 flower at a time, and doesn't so far seem to have developed a seed head yet.

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seems to be in local authority seed mixes

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Interesting how variable the flowers seem to look. Maybe not all from the same source after all?