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Ischnura saharensis

Observed: 20th May 2011 By: PerryPerry’s reputation in InvertebratesPerry’s reputation in InvertebratesPerry’s reputation in Invertebrates
Ischnura saharensis
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I agree with Peter, this is likely to be saharensis, and nothing visible in the photo seems to contradict this (although the two species may be impossible to separate with any certainty from a shot like this).

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Roy, how do you manage to italicise the scientific names in the Comments section? I would always choose to do this but cannot see the facility offered.

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Type the two letters 'em' in place of the asterisks <**> to start italics and '/em' (within the same bracket) after the word(s) to end the italics.

There should be a link to formatting options underneath the comments - it's difficult to explain easily within a comment because the 'code' doesn't appear if typed correctly!