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Absolutely no clue!

Observed: 17th November 2009 By: DidiDidi’s reputation in InvertebratesDidi’s reputation in Invertebrates

Insect found walking round the top of black compost bin lid. Hard to judge size, maybe 12 - 15 mm. Lower body black with black wings.

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I think cardinal is the more

I think cardinal is the more likely option. I put my suggestion up at the same time and didn't see Jon's identification.

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Red headed cardinal beetle.

Many thanks for your help. I actually saw this beetle on the 18th May, 2011 not as stated in original post. Having just been scouting round my garden, I found two of them, both looking more like the 'normal'Red headed beetle in your observation section.
As I have not come across them before, in either form, I really didn't have a clue.


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I did think 17th November was

I did think 17th November was very late for this species! The elytra do seem strange as you would imagine they are not designed to fold like the wings.