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Battling hornets

Observed: 21st May 2011 By: johnswhiteheadjohnswhitehead’s reputation in Invertebrates

These two fell out of the sky, hit the roof of my car and bounced into the grass. They appeared to be fighting, with one trying to stab the other with its sting. It seems bizarre and dangerous behaviour, though when I returned, both were gone, indicating that both survived...

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Nuptial flight?

I just followed the Encyclopedia of Life link and read about Vespa crabro's mating behaviour, described as a "nuptial flight". Perhaps that's what I saw.

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Seems like it was more of a

Seems like it was more of a nuptial fight. Great observation and photo!

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Good photo -

Whichever it was, be glad you didn't get in the way!

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2 queens

Nuptial flights take place in the autumn. More likely to 2 queens competing for nest sites.