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Observed: 20th May 2011 By: sb22534
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This image contains more than one lichen but it is submitted to illustrate a silver, shrubby like lichen which stands erect .


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  • Fruticose lichen
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Crustose and foliose

The central lichens are crustose, those in the corners are foliose - leaf-like lobes which are different on the upper and lower sides.

Fruticose lichens have a shrubby or beard-like growth form. Branches are rounded or flattened, with no distinct upper and lower surfaces. Usually attached to the substrate at only one point.

For some examples see link below:
(Evernia prunastri has been included on the page of examples as it is a foliose lichen that is often confused with fruticose lichens!)

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I agree

I agree with Jenny on this.