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Observed: 21st May 2011 By: peacocb
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We have a very large pond next to a stream fed by spings/run-off from fields. In the marshy shelf in the pond (which is dry enough at this time of year to walk on but under water in the winter) there are 50+ orchids or two main types.
The lighter flowered one has narrower leaves, mainly (but not only) just at the base, which are spotted. The markings on the flowers are loops.
The darker flowered one (which is more prevalent) has more leaves which are just green (no markings/spots). The marking on the flowers are dots and not loops.
They both started flowering about the same time - 15th May - this is the first weekend with most of the flowers out properly. The garden is situated near Southampton.
Each year I look through the orchid books but all the features of each plant don't seem to fit any in my book !

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