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Observed: 29th April 2011 By: jason.birtjason.birt’s reputation in Birdsjason.birt’s reputation in Birdsjason.birt’s reputation in Birds
godwit 1

What I think are bar-tailed godwits on the beach at Marazion. Not too fussed by passersby. Not sure what they were foraging for in the dry sand... sandhoppers?

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As the name implies, they have baring on the tails. Black-tailed has a single large black band on the tail. Also the plain wings in flight is another give-away. Black-tailed has a very distinct white wing bar running through an otherwise dark wing. They are easily separated in flight this way.

In terms of them not in flight, the bar-tails are much darker on their backs in breeding plumage, and streakier on the backs in non-breeding plumage, they are also shorter than black-tailed and have a slightly shorter and marginally up-curved bill. Hope this helps.