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Fruticose lichen(?)

Observed: 22nd May 2011 By: fcr8
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete

Growing on the bark of an apple tree.


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Thank you AlanS. I am curious

Thank you AlanS. I am curious as to why you think it looks sick. I thought it looked quite healthy. Maybe it's just my photo.

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It's not very big, not very branched and the lobes look distorted. It's not just your photo. Maybe it is just young, but young Evernia usually doesn't look like that.

In the New Naturalist volume on lichens*, by the late Oliver Gilbert, he included a series of Evernia silhouettes, showing poorer thallus development with increasing atmospheric pollution. I would suggest that this was quite well along that scale, except that Forres has never been noted as a major centre of industrialisation!

It may well be a victim of fungal attack.

[*Sadly, Olver Gilbert's excellent book went out of print very quickly and is one of the most sought after volumes in the New Naturalist series, a good hardback copy worth upwards of £300 now! I dare not open my own copy any more.]


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Thank you

Thank you very much for that information. I agree that there should not be much atmospheric pollution in my area compared to some parts of the UK. I will keep an eye on my lichen.