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Observed: 21st May 2011 By: twojays

about 12inches long seen moving in a zigzag fashion across a path by Sonning Lock on the Thames at lunchtime

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grass snake

The mark on the neck looks like grass snake to me.

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Snakes near water -

in the UK are usually grass snakes, which hunt for small fish and amphibians.
Adders will swim, but only to get to where they want to be: say if there is a stream between the hibernaculum and the pretty girls.

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grass snake

nice pic must have been great to see looks like a grass snake :^)

i enjoy taking photos of wildlife esp reptiles my fav uk reptile is the common lizard

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small snake

Thank you for your help in identifying the grass snake


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Grass snakes

Comment mainly for Roger.

Do you get grass snakes where you are? In Yorkshire they are missing north of a line running west roughly from Hull, through York and Leeds. I know they re-appear around the Scottish borders but wondered if you had any pockets in Northumberland / Teeside. For example, we have none in Ryedale or the NY Moors.

Graham Banwell

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No grass snakes -

seen on Teesside in my few years here. I think we're too far north, and of course a lot of the "fresh" water is saline due to minewater or tidal influence.
I have seen "pockets" of them further north on the distribution maps. This is probably due to local "microclimate" effects, I'd guess.
I used to see them in Worcestershire, but being nomadic, they were harder to find than adders.