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Fungus on fallen tree

Observed: 17th December 2009 By: peb254
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Bracket fungus on fallen tree


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  • Heterobasidian amosum
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There are 2 species on this photo. I'm no expert, but both look fairly familiar to me. The orange one at the bottom is Stereum hirsutum I think. The green one is I believe Coriolus versicolor. This species does not start out green, but often grows algae on it as it ages. I could be wrong though...

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Bob Ford

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Fungi on Log End

There are three species of fungi on the end of the log.
If you magnify the small, orange brackets at the bottom right you will see they are densely hairy on top. These are Stereum hirsutum. There will be nopores underneath.
The group covered with algae and the brown, zoned brackets close by are Trametes (Coriolus) versicolor. These brackets will have pores underneath. It is worth having a look underneath the old, algae-covered brackets of this species to see if there is an orange fungus attacking them.
In the top right of your photograph, ignoring the brackets of Stereum hirsutum, there is a large, knobbly 'crust' with a pinkish tinge. This is Phlebia radiata.