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Dad does Sunday lunch

Observed: 22nd May 2011 By: Jonathan
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Male blackbird feeding fledglings
Male blackbird feeding fledglings 1

I spread manure on the garden this morning and this brought out the blackbirds which have been taking the compost worms and feeding them to their fledglings. These pictures were taken through a window at the end of the day so are not great, but you can see a male with two offspring who are staying under cover.

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Nice shots -

I find this period of young birds' development fascinating: they soon reach a point where they can clearly pick up the food themselves, but see no reason to go to all that trouble. A rude awakening beckons!

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Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

I agree with what Roger said too. Several of the young birds here are certainly able to feed themselves now but still beg for food from the adults. One young male Blackbird has been begging for food from other species of birds too and a Starling gave him a few morsels of food!!

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Very interesting to hear a

Very interesting to hear a starling fed a blackbird!

These fledglings did later find their own worms.

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