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Song thrush

Observed: 20th December 2009 By: Joe McCavana
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Song Thrush

I think it is a song thrush based on its plumper, rounder appearance and rounder spots on the breast. Underparts look buffish rather than pale white.


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Remember birds 'fluff up' in the cold

Many birds will look plumper than you might expect at this time of year because they try and trap as much air as possible beneath their feathers to help keep warm.
Rounder (rather than arrow-shaped) spots on the lower breast is a pro Mistle Thrush feature, and the buff colouring on the underparts is within the normal variation of Mistle Thrush. The white on the tail sides visible in the second photo is a feature only seen on Mistle (usually seen as white 'tail corners' as the bird flies away).


PS. It appears that I put the scientific and common names the wrong way round - you all know what I mean though.

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Song / mistle thrush

It was the underpart colour and plumpness which convinced me to make my ID a song thrush. But looking again at my bird book I can see what you mean about the white on the tail.