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Kittiwake at Bempton Cliffs

Observed: 15th May 2011 By: andrew bradshawandrew bradshaw’s reputation in Birdsandrew bradshaw’s reputation in Birdsandrew bradshaw’s reputation in Birds
Kittiwake at Bempton Cliffs
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according to my information

according to my information its still called Larus tridactyla

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Linnaeus apparently classified it as Larus tridactylus, but it seems to have changed to Rissa with Stephens in the 1820s, as far as I can glean from a few websites. I have never seen it as Larus before...I wonder which book you are using for that?


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Rissa too

I’ve checked in my guides (they range from a 1949 edition of Collins to the latest 2009 edition via a first edition Observer’s book of Birds) and several websites. They all have the Kittiwake as Rissa tridactyla, the BTO also refers to it as this (