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Hedgerow trees and shrubs in winter

Observed: 22nd December 2009 By: bill riley
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Sycamore Acer pseudoplantanus 2
Sycamore Acer pseudoplantanus 1
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Bill, I wonder if it is

Bill, I wonder if it is possible to take slightly sharper images as this set you are producing of the trees and shrubs is potentially a very useful identification guide. Perhaps putting the camera on a small tripod to hold it steady or steadying it on a box or other item that may be to hand.

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sharper images

The images taken yesterday are not good. Not really sure why, probably a focus issue. I will retake this week and post again. There will be quite a number of photos. I will post them gradually so that identification can be confirmed, or corrected. This is a much more interesting project than I expected. Detailed bud study is new to me, but very similar to much work done in a past life on agricultural grain crops.

Thanks for your help with past IDs.


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I've done various images with

I've done various images with tree buds over the years, its often good to have several different species together on a sheet so you can compare and see the differences side by side.