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Garden skull

Observed: 21st May 2011 By: alanaccount
garden skull
garden skull  1
garden skull  1 2

I found this skull in a very boggy part of the garden (alongside a small natural pond). I think it may be a snake from the top half but am a little confused by the bottom half as this makes it quite large. The bottom half appears to have a fang which fits inside a cavity on the top half. I have seen grass snakes in the garden before, but only up to about 1m in length.

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The left-hand bone in the top

The left-hand bone in the top left pic, (the one you are holding in th epicture below) looks like a bird's breast-bone. Not sure about the other bit.

Rob Coleman

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Not all skull

This is the synsacrum and braincase of a bird. I can't tell which species from the photos, but it looks to be about the size of a Starling.

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Bird bones

I agree with Paolo, try moving it to the bird section of iSpot you may have more luck there.

Graham Banwell

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