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What is this?

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I spotted what looked like a small green bug on the leaf until I photographed it and saw what a beauty this is. Body size approx 4-5mm, with antennae 2 to 3 times body length. I've trawled through my field guides but can't figure out what type of insect this is! Help please - any ideas?

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no idea

amazing not much help with id I have looked in my book's and on web nothing even similar,hopefully on of the expert's will know but what a find.
Edit excellent someone had found out what it is.


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It's an early-instar nymph -

It's an early-instar nymph - they don't often get shown in field guides!

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What a splendid creature!!!

What a splendid creature!!!

Jonathan Wallace

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Thanks for the id and other

Thanks for the id and other feedback. I did spend some time looking at crickets because of the long antennae and the leg shape, so I was on the right lines. This little chap seems to fit the name perfectly - more so than the adult, looking at some photos of it online!!