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Pipistrelle Bat

Observed: 26th July 2006 By: helenwindyhills
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Pipistrelle Bat
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Have one

I have some were I live but have only seen them flying but never found them to photograph,lovely creature's


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There are various regulations

There are various regulations concerning photographing or filming bats. Best to check Natural England or other relevant conservation organisation if you are thinking of doing this especially near or in the roost.

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Thank's for that I would never endanger anything to get a photograph,they only way i would photograph one is if it came in the house or was injured.I do understand what your saying.


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It might even be a Nathusius pipistrelle

I'm pretty sure that it's a Pipstrelle bat, although there's not enough info in the picture to tell us which one. Common and Soprano pips are common in north and in Aberdeenshire and east coast generally there's even a chance that it could be a Nathusius pip. They have a different pattern on the wing, which you can only see on handling (for bat licenced handlers only!).