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Polychaete - nereid?

Observed: 8th April 2011 By: jason.birtjason.birt’s reputation in Invertebratesjason.birt’s reputation in Invertebrates
polychaete - neried

As I said with the scale worm, my polychaete ID skills have evaporated over the last 10 years! I'm making a stab at Nereidae. I think it is too big and the coloration is off for a Nereis diversicolor. How about Nereis pelagica?? It's probably not even Nereis anymore...
Apologies but it isn't the best picture.

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Its certainly a nereid

The species is more difficult. N.pelagica is common in the low shore on Scilly and I also have a record of N.longissima.Other species will be present too. N.virens may be possible in muddier places (but I don't recall seeing it). Once again, identifying nereids from a picture is exceedingly difficult.Normally animals of this family are identified by the small chitin "teeth" on the pharynx. These can be difficult to see but identification by close examination of the parapodia, the length of the antennae and the form and distribution of the chaetae is possible.

Mike Kendall

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Thanks for the comment and

Thanks for the comment and the advice. There haven't been that many people commenting (or agreeing IDs) on marine invertebrates on iSpot - well, that I've noticed!

Jason Birt

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Isles of Scilly

If you are interested, Plymouth Marine Laboratory have ongoing work aimed at creating an all taxon biodiversity inventory for the Scillies. They have had two polychete specific collecting trips in the last five or six years.

The Porcupine Marine Natural History Society held a field trip there last year and the species list that resulted is in their most recent journal. This covers all animals and plants encountered.

Mike Kendall