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Song Thrush?

Observed: 21st May 2011 By: kathkath’s reputation in Birdskath’s reputation in Birdskath’s reputation in Birds

Song thrush or Mistle thrush? I think it is a song thrush but I am not sure. Whatever, it was nice to see it helping itself to my homemade bird cake.

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The spots are like

The spots are like upside-down ‘v’s or arrowheads.


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Nice photo -

of what sounds like a spoilt bird. Home-made seed cake? Just don't tell the blackbirds in my garden, that's all. Especially "One Foot", who already has me well-trained to put food out when he turns up!

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re feeding

All the birds in my garden are spoilt but it is worth it because I am getting so many visitors at the moment. Lots of birds that I have never seen before. The blackbirds are quite bold, aren't they?

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I am particularly jealous -

of the Song Thrush, as there are very few around here. I hear one quite often, but they seldom visit my garden.
Maybe I should ask for your recipe!

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recipe - here yer go :-)

1/2 packet of lard - heated
4 heaped tablespoons plain white flour - mix and cook with lard over low heat until smooth
5 heaped cheap porridge oats
1 heaped peanut flour - or chopped peanuts
1 heaped ground almonds
1 handful of chopped sultanas

Everything eats it - except the pigeons.

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Ta -

I'll give it a go.
The semi-moist extruded dog food seems fairly popular, though not as welcome as other stuff; and I have to break the little cylinders up for the blackbirds. Starlings just bash them into submission!
I use a softbill mix for the table and ground feeder, and a "no-mess" seed mix for the hanging feeder. These "sell" best, unless I put out some cheap supermarket scones - when they're reduced to clear.