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help with voluntary habitat management on 11 sites for rare plants in the UK

Dear All,
Since 2001 the number of voluntary habitat management projects on scarce and rare plants keeps growing. These are carried out during the Autumn/Winter months and help from anybody is welcome. The jobs vary regarding the various species but can include raking up cut grass and removing via pitch forks, scrub and sapling cutting and clearing and creating open disturbed plots to wake up the dormant seedbank. Here is the list of all projects so far and if you can spare some time one day at a weekend then let me know.

Field Garlic at its only Warwickshire roadside site near Stratford
Field Cow Wheat at its only Bedfordshire site near Brogborough
Shepherd's Needle at its third Northamptonshire site near Raunds
Downy Woundwort in two sites in Oxfordshire
Fringed Gentian at its only UK site in Bucks near Wendover
Tower Mustard near Gerrards Cross in Bucks and near Bromesberrow Heath in Gloucestershire
Lizard Orchid on a roadside verge by Bristol in Gloucestershire
Wasp Orchid (Ophrys apifera var trollii) on a roadside site on the Fosse Way in Warwickshire
Bicolor bee orchid (Ophrys apifera var bicolor) at its 4th UK site on a roadside in Warwickshire
Man Orchid at its only Warwickshire locality

There are still a few of these projects to do for this season. Some of the projects have been a great success following the management I do on them. The Field Garlic had the best flowering ever with 1032 flowering plants in early August this year. But there is still great concern over the Field Cow Wheat. Sadly no plants appeared this year but I will try my best to save it.
I must thank fellow botanists and naturalists who have come out to help out.

Brian Laney Northamptonshire