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Phragmidium tuberculatum_8136

Observed: 21st May 2011 By: miked
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Do you mean Phragmidium

Do you mean Phragmidium mucronatum as the other one? Perhaps I should agree with RHoman as a safer alternative.

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P mucronatum

P mucronatum is the one of which I was thinking. I admit I'm in a state of confusion as which is the most likely - Redfern and Shirley imply one species, Ellis and Ellis imply the other. I think the spores on the 2 species around now are very similar; those that are produced later (the teliospores produced when the pustules turn brown or black) are different enough to identify without going squiffy-eyed, possibly.

Robert Homan

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ok, i have agreed with Robert

ok, i have agreed with Robert too.