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Bird Rings

Has anyone ever tried to produce a bird ring which can be identified from a photograph.Each spring and summer my garden is regularly visited by a number of ringed birds.Last year a pair of goldfinches(both ringed )raised two broods,feeding their young from my feeders.I also have ringed siskins breeding and green finches visiting. I would be interested to know where these birds were ringed and it could help the people who ringed them.I can get clear enough photos to read a few numbers on the metal rings but you can not see the whole number.If a ring had some sort of bar code which could be photographed I'm sure the ringers would get lots of sightings reported.



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there have been large rings

there have been large rings on wildfowl such as geese for many years, these can be read from considerably distance by telescope or camera. also coloured markers have been used on small birds but to get full unique id like with the metal ring it needs to have rather small writing and ring needs to be very small to avoid causing damage to bird. seeing how problematic barcode readers can be in supermarkets if the label is not exactly right then i suspect using it on circular rings and photographing them might not work

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www.ring.ac a reminder of this website which you can type the ring info into and get information back about the bird.

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Where do you live, Terry? If you have that many ringed finches, of three species, in your garden, you must have a ringer operating very close to you indeed, I would say. If you could find out who it was, I bet they would come and investigate your birds...maybe catch them and show you.


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